It’s Monday which means a book review was meant to have been posted on my blog yesterday. Honestly, my latest read has proved a little disappointing. Rather than criticizing an artist on her hard work that many loved, I thought I’d write this little article instead.   Soulmates Do I believe that in a world … More Soulmate


‘Maybe’   ‘It’s him. It’s always been him.’ ‘I know. I’ve known since we were fifteen years old. Are you going to say anything?’ ‘No. I don’t want this to end. But now I’m constantly afraid that the next word I say will push him away.’ ‘Excuse my cheesy cliché, but be yourself. It’s gotten … More Maybe


A Poem Seasons     It was there amongst the apple trees Where we fell in love Wind-swept hair and rosy cheeks Snow falling from above The quiet settling just before Three words fell from your lips Forever more to me you swore Tears down your cheeks did drip Skin as white as porcelain Locks … More Seasons

Hannah: Chapter 4

Hannah     ‘Really?’ he frowns, ‘That’s your favourite song?’ ‘It’s innocent,’ I explain, ‘The overwhelming emotion behind your first love.’ I hate small-talk with people I barely know, but I have somehow been drawn into conversation with this person. Actually, I had been deserted into conversation with him. Alec was here, and then suddenly … More Hannah: Chapter 4


A Poem   Monday – 10 July 2017 5:39pm   My dear Oh what could have been All these loose ends Never seen If we had said the words We truly mean Silence settled well Acquaintances deemed A story untold A future not seen Years later I think What could have been Loose ends all … More Untold


  “And she’s beautiful. But like the sun. Everyone always says how pretty the moon is because it lights up the darkness, but without the sun, the moon wouldn’t even exist, you know?” I did. He just didn’t know quite how much. “I probably sound so dumb right now,” his cheeks flush. He brings his … More Heroine

Dear John

  Dear John, I’ve thought about what you said in your previous letter. I’ve thought of little else. You asked if this love was worth my soul. If it was worth me not being who I really am. I’ve tortured myself with that thought for days now. But the answer is quite simply: I don’t … More Dear John

Hannah: Chapter 3

Deep Violet   “If one of these tattoo-covered hobo men graze against me again,” Alec mutters into the phone, “I swear to God, I will lose my shit.” “You don’t believe in God,” I make awkward eye contact with the elderly man down the hall wearing the tiniest floral-patterned robe as he takes his trash … More Hannah: Chapter 3


Sun A Poem How is it possible Loving someone so? Utterly enamoured Endeared in every way The sun to my pale blue sky The moon to my glistening velvet navy So sweet Aftertaste so bitter Opposites in every way similar Deaf but comprehensive My heart aches For our words so often Love But not in … More Sun