‘Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda’ – Becky Albertalli

Book Review   “Sometimes it seems like everyone knows who I am except me.”       I. Am. Speechless. Well, not literally. Of course, I have words upon words to say about this book, but I want to (need to) keep this book review slightly shorter. Mostly because one of my last book reviews … More ‘Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda’ – Becky Albertalli


A Poem     Why must I sit with my legs closed? Why, if I don’t, is it considered an open invitation? Why must my skirt be long and my shirt be high? Why is my body a sexual object? Why may I not complain about these incessant cramps? Why am I not allowed to … More Woman


A Short Story   Sleep is like a mortal’s version of time travel. The hours speed by when you’re unconscious, but the slightest hint of insomnia, and it feels like the clock has stopped. I think of Her on nights like these. I wonder if Her infinite sleep means anything. Does She feel it, too? … More Insomnia.


A Dialogue.     So, you don’t like them? I didn’t say that. You didn’t have to. Your face said it the whole night. What do you want me to say? It doesn’t matter what I want you to say. They’re my best friends. Can’t you like them simply because I love them? Do you? … More Stardust

5 Poets of Our Time

World Poetry Day was almost two months, but poetry should be celebrated every day. It is only appropriate to every so often, highlight some of the best poets’ humanity has managed to produce. Our world is filled with writers, singers, actors, painters, and creative beings. Like little gems of light on an otherwise darkened planet, … More 5 Poets of Our Time

Hannah: Chapter 1

  “Waves.”       ‘The leaves are turning orange,’ I stare up at the trees that are slowly getting their green drained. ‘Winter is coming,’ Ayesha says ominously. ‘That doesn’t sound like such a bad thing,’ I try. She wraps her jacket tightly around her body, ‘It’s horrendous. Especially in this city.’ I had … More Hannah: Chapter 1

In Vain.

  I have never suffered Never felt true pain So, all these sad words All seem in vain My heart has never broken By the one whom I love I’ve never been distraught My life never tough True art, of course Seems coated in tears People only listen When sudden death is near Can a … More In Vain.