A Short Story   Sleep is like a mortal’s version of time travel. The hours speed by when you’re unconscious, but the slightest hint of insomnia, and it feels like the clock has stopped. I think of Her on nights like these. I wonder if Her infinite sleep means anything. Does She feel it, too? … More Insomnia.


  Her hair, long and hazel, carries the ocean itself. Each strand is coated in its salty body. Crystal clear droplets cling to her sunbaked skin because even the sea did not want to part with her. She glimmers in the warm, afternoon sun, reminding me of a diamond; precious, pure and absolutely beautiful. 10/02/17 … More Diamond.

“I’m afraid I’ll never fall in love.”

“I’m afraid,” she whispered in the dim, yellow light which warmly lit our fortress. These words, only ever spoken to my best friend, were absorbed by the sheets that protected us, silenced to the world, never to be repeated. We felt completely safe in this feeble structure because we knew even if fire rained from … More “I’m afraid I’ll never fall in love.”