Those dreamy brown eyes and cherry red lips. He was the poster boy for heartbreak. A regret just waiting to be grieved. She knew all of this. And it meant nothing. His fingers sparked with magic and his touch made her melt. And although she knew a heartbreak was inevitable, how could it be … More Cherry


  She had a bruise on her skin and a mosquito bite on her foot. She brought it to my face and showed me the crimson bump on her ivory skin. I told her, “Don’t scratch” but by morning, specks of blood clotted beneath the raw surface. She could cite quotes from books I didn’t … More Improbable


  “And she’s beautiful. But like the sun. Everyone always says how pretty the moon is because it lights up the darkness, but without the sun, the moon wouldn’t even exist, you know?” I did. He just didn’t know quite how much. “I probably sound so dumb right now,” his cheeks flush. He brings his … More Heroine


  I can’t recall the exact moment it happened. It didn’t happen overnight, I don’t think. Paris. Paris had been my idea apparently. This, too, I couldn’t recall. I had grown tired. Tired of trying. Trying to communicate in a foreign language; tired of living out of a backpack; tired of not knowing if we … More Dreamer


  With my fingers still sticky from the caramel sweets softened by the afternoon sun, I wander home. Perhaps one cannot really wander if you have a destination in mind, but wonder nevertheless I do. My skin is tacky and covered with a layer of salt, drawn from the ocean air. I detest this part … More Wander


A Short Story   Sleep is like a mortal’s version of time travel. The hours speed by when you’re unconscious, but the slightest hint of insomnia, and it feels like the clock has stopped. I think of Her on nights like these. I wonder if Her infinite sleep means anything. Does She feel it, too? … More Insomnia.


  Her hair, long and hazel, carries the ocean itself. Each strand is coated in its salty body. Crystal clear droplets cling to her sunbaked skin because even the sea did not want to part with her. She glimmers in the warm, afternoon sun, reminding me of a diamond; precious, pure and absolutely beautiful. 10/02/17 … More Diamond.

“I’m afraid I’ll never fall in love.”

“I’m afraid,” she whispered in the dim, yellow light which warmly lit our fortress. These words, only ever spoken to my best friend, were absorbed by the sheets that protected us, silenced to the world, never to be repeated. We felt completely safe in this feeble structure because we knew even if fire rained from … More “I’m afraid I’ll never fall in love.”