I have all these words floating around in my head; ideas constantly darting in and out. But when I stare at the page, it all seems too much. The blank space weighs pins down my chest and I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I’m living life so well, but that’s all I’m doing. Constantly … More Consciousness


It’s Monday which means a book review was meant to have been posted on my blog yesterday. Honestly, my latest read has proved a little disappointing. Rather than criticizing an artist on her hard work that many loved, I thought I’d write this little article instead.   Soulmates Do I believe that in a world … More Soulmate

Quarter-life Crisis

I was having a quarter-life crisis at the age of 20. If I lived to eighty, that would make it accurate. Whilst I realistically acknowledged that the tumultuous years between the ages of 13 and 19 were soaked in self-doubt and discovery for almost everyone I knew, I couldn’t help but wonder: how much of … More Quarter-life Crisis

5 Poets of Our Time

World Poetry Day was almost two months, but poetry should be celebrated every day. It is only appropriate to every so often, highlight some of the best poets’ humanity has managed to produce. Our world is filled with writers, singers, actors, painters, and creative beings. Like little gems of light on an otherwise darkened planet, … More 5 Poets of Our Time


And I want to ask you how you are; how you really are. How’s your mind; your soul; your body, but it feels like too much time has passed between us now. We are growing strangers, trying desperately to claw at a life neither of us live anymore. We no longer talk about life and … More Distance

Gender Revolution

    Is ‘gender’ destiny? This unique issue of National Geographic, unlike any I have ever read, commences with the opening subtitle: “What if all could thrive?” This question feels like a dagger to the chest. I am a young woman, still a teen in fact, and that very question sums up what is so … More Gender Revolution