Tell me what it’s like To love another so Unselfishly, unhypocritically Pure adoration on its own Tell me what it’s like To never question your choice When there’s a constant chatter This incessant grey noise Tell me what it’s like To look at your lover When all else fails And never lust for another … More Like


  I am vividly aware of the fact that everything I do is a performance. A constant state of theatre. The lights of life glare down at me. White. Blinding. Flaming. The eyes of the audience glued to my monologues. Every gesture; the twirl of my fingertips, the turn of my palm, the doubling in … More Theatre


September It was a September When you uttered my name For the last time You sat me down Parted my hair Braided my locks And lied You said you would be back Tucked me beneath worn out sheets Kissed my forehead And told me to dream You promised to be there When I awoke Bread … More September


Shame An inherent shame Cloaks our souls It burdens our body Tears at our being We live in fear And a constant guilt Desires revealed The anger dissolves Anxiety overwhelms the body Death seems imminent Without the cloak It is pure skin and bone Raw flesh and pure soul Uncovered at last Breathe my dear … More Shame


A Poem Seasons     It was there amongst the apple trees Where we fell in love Wind-swept hair and rosy cheeks Snow falling from above The quiet settling just before Three words fell from your lips Forever more to me you swore Tears down your cheeks did drip Skin as white as porcelain Locks … More Seasons


A Poem   Monday – 10 July 2017 5:39pm   My dear Oh what could have been All these loose ends Never seen If we had said the words We truly mean Silence settled well Acquaintances deemed A story untold A future not seen Years later I think What could have been Loose ends all … More Untold


Sun A Poem How is it possible Loving someone so? Utterly enamoured Endeared in every way The sun to my pale blue sky The moon to my glistening velvet navy So sweet Aftertaste so bitter Opposites in every way similar Deaf but comprehensive My heart aches For our words so often Love But not in … More Sun


A Poem     Why must I sit with my legs closed? Why, if I don’t, is it considered an open invitation? Why must my skirt be long and my shirt be high? Why is my body a sexual object? Why may I not complain about these incessant cramps? Why am I not allowed to … More Woman

In Vain.

  I have never suffered Never felt true pain So, all these sad words All seem in vain My heart has never broken By the one whom I love I’ve never been distraught My life never tough True art, of course Seems coated in tears People only listen When sudden death is near Can a … More In Vain.