Those dreamy brown eyes and cherry red lips. He was the poster boy for heartbreak. A regret just waiting to be grieved.

She knew all of this.

And it meant nothing.

His fingers sparked with magic and his touch made her melt. And although she knew a heartbreak was inevitable, how could it be when it seemed he was the only one keeping her alive?

She finally understood why the heart was linked with love. How could it not be? When it pumps blood through your veins, surging through every inch of your body.

This love overwhelmed her completely.

She felt it. She felt him. She often wondered how she had managed not to spontaneously combust since she had met him. How had her heart not burst through the cage of her ribs? How had she managed to stay alive? How would she stay alive after him?

Because she knew no matter how infinite this felt, her forever was running on borrowed time. His eyes were too dreamy and his lips too cherry red. He was the personification of heartbreak and she was the object of his fleeting humanity.

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