CarrieBradshaw - Vogue


I have all these words floating around in my head; ideas constantly darting in and out. But when I stare at the page, it all seems too much.

The blank space weighs pins down my chest and I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe.

I’m living life so well, but that’s all I’m doing. Constantly living.

I’m suffocating in high speed.

How do people make their dreams come true?

I hope no one notices that it doesn’t seem like any one knows what they’re doing.

Sam Smith’s new album makes me cry.

“You made me sad ’til I loved the shade of blue” – One Last Song.

Teen Vogue is no longer printing their publication. It’s all digital now. Millennial.

RIP Carrie Bradshaw.

I sometimes wish I knew what it was like growing up without the Internet. It shaped us all differently. Before Google, Instagram, twitter, Facebook. Before Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Before you were bombarded with pictures on how you’re supposed to look while simultaneously being told your body is perfect the way it is.

I wish the world sometime still blindly accepted everything.

I seem to question everything.

Money is never enough. Even when you make more.

Am I normal enough?

I wonder if the Matrix is real and the rest of us just aren’t special strong enough to be chosen for the real world.

How do people know what real love is? Does it change every time you feel it?

Does Donald Trump feel sad that very few people seem to like him?

I can’t wait to meet all the strangers I’m supposed to love.

I vividly remember feeling happy today.

“I have a secret I can’t keep.
Say I shouldn’t be here, but I can’t give up his touch.
It is him I love.
I love him.”

  • Sam Smith

I wish my best friend didn’t live so far away.

I wonder who I would be if I could be myself.


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