It’s Monday which means a book review was meant to have been posted on my blog yesterday. Honestly, my latest read has proved a little disappointing. Rather than criticizing an artist on her hard work that many loved, I thought I’d write this little article instead.




Do I believe that in a world filled with more than seven billion people, there is one being out there for everyone? Absolutely not. Your chances of meeting your ‘one true love’ would be one in seven billion and honestly, I don’t like those odds. Your paths are more likely to never cross which means we’re all doomed to a loveless, lonely future.

However, the term “soulmate” has always appealed to me. A story presented by Plato states that humans originally had four arms, four legs and a single head made of two faces. Scared of their strength, the gods split these beings in half as punishment for their pride and arrogance. Each human would forever long for the other half of their soul. When they find one another, there is an unspoken understanding of one another; a unity that would know no greater joy.

I am no hopeless romantic, but come on. For most of us, simply reading that tale conjured up a specific image of someone; perhaps it was a lover or a friend, a parent or a sibling. Because as humans, we are vastly different. Often, we are surrounded by people we call friends and family, and it seems like they do not know us at all. And then that one person comes along, and they know you. It seems like they’ve known you forever. It’s not difficult or strenuous, it just is. And you know that no matter the timeline, the world, the year, the universe, your two souls will always be, and always have been, bonded from the very start. And do I think that there is just one person like that for everyone? Absolutely not. Maybe we weren’t just two bonded from the beginning. Maybe there is an infinite amount of people in the universe just waiting to be found; to be known. Because that’s really all we want, isn’t it? To be understood and accepted completely.

I recently read an article written by John Paul Brammer. He is an advice column writer for a digital publication known as ‘Into’. John was asked if he believes in ‘the one and only’ and ‘true love’? His article is absolutely amazing and is definitely worth a read:

“My belief is that most of us will cross paths with people, maybe it’s one person or maybe it’s several, who affect us deeply and uniquely. There will be points where we meet, and that specific intersection is sacred and important and unrepeatable.

We are temporary creatures. But as long as we continue to travel, to move, and to live, we will also continue to meet people who bring out the best in us, people we want the world for, people who make us stop and think, how was this person sharing this planet with me all this time, and why didn’t they introduce themselves sooner?”

I’m not crying. You are.


I have had the privilege of living in various countries, meeting people from all over the globe, and there is something almost sacred in meeting someone; someone from a completely different background and culture; someone who grew up in a vastly different environment with very different parents, siblings and relatives, and yet, feeling like there is no one else I understand more. No one I could know better. No one who I want the world for more.

And that is true love, isn’t it? When all you want is the absolute best for someone? Even if it inevitably means they chase their dreams far away from you.

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