A Poem





It was there amongst the apple trees
Where we fell in love
Wind-swept hair and rosy cheeks
Snow falling from above

The quiet settling just before
Three words fell from your lips
Forever more to me you swore
Tears down your cheeks did drip

Skin as white as porcelain
Locks a raven black
Your eyes an auburn harlequin
You took my breath aback

The winter air was oh so cold
And yet we did not move
My bubbling adoration rose
Because I felt it too

The leaves regained their colour
The birds began to sing
The butterflies commenced their flutter
The wonder bloom of spring

Summer brought the sun so bright
The flowers and the bees
The evenings filled with warmth and light
The air overcome with glee

Strolling hand in hand
We spent the afternoons
By the beach and in the sand
Giggling like utter fools

Brown-baked skin and rosy cheeks
Sunshine streams from above
We return to the apple trees
There where we fell in love.


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