‘Every Day’ – David Levithan

By Tina Soetzenberg – A Write Review


You know what the best type of book includes? No, not epic battle scenes and Fae-lovers (although I am obsessed with those Fae-lovers) but in my opinion, a really outstanding book needs to include feeling. No matter what the book is about or what it consists of, it needs to leave you with an indescribable feeling. It needs to broaden your societal outlook and help you recognise faults within yourself you haven’t even begun to realize.

This is my version of a great book, and for me, that book is ‘Every Day’ by David Levithan. I know, those of you that know me will most probably be rolling your eyes round about now and utter something along the lines of, ‘WE KNOW! YOU’VE ONLY SAID IT A THOUSAND TIMES!’ And yes, I have praised the work of the great David Levithan countless times, practically painting it across the skies and etching it onto my body for everyone to see.

But for those of you that haven’t read my ‘why I love ‘Every Day’ rants’, here is a quick rundown. In this book, we meet ‘A’. He/She doesn’t recognise itself as any gender or species. All he/she knows is that every day ‘A’ will wake up in the body of someone else, sometimes repeating body bags.

If you’re finding this story weird, just wait.



‘A’ not only wakes up in new bodies, but the bodies he inhabits for a solid 24-hours are of different genders and sizes as well. This is about the time you’re asking yourself, ‘Where is the love story?’ Like any tragic Young Adult novel, there has to be a doomed romance. Introducing Rhiannon, the beautiful girlfriend of one of the bodies ‘A’ inhabits.

‘A’ decides that just for one day, breaking his golden rule of always sticking to the human he’s inhabiting’s daily routine, ‘A’ whisks Rhiannon off on a beautiful day of adventure. She, of course, figures her boyfriend isn’t the romantic type all of a sudden while the real romantic lives inside. This starts their epic love story.

The reason I’m quite smitten with this book is simple: there are no boundaries to love in this book. The phrase ‘love is love’ was made for this book.

See, it questions the perceived idea of how two people in love should look. We are usually reading books of two gorgeous people falling in love. Some authors try to hide it by making the protagonist the ‘ordinary’ looking type but don’t realize they’re actually describing a breath-taking character.

Between these lovely pages, readers are pushed to question this idea as ‘A’ is transported into various human beings from all shapes and sizes. Rhiannon is naturally attracted to him/her when they’re in the body of someone good looking and ‘A’ even starts to hope for a beautiful body, but this is a reality driven book and the world is made up of diverse people.

I loved that David questioned Rhiannon and her attraction towards ‘A’ when he wasn’t in an attractive body. Honestly, he helped me question myself when he placed ‘A’ in a 300-pound character, madly in love with the beautiful Rhiannon. She was uncomfortable being around ‘A’ when he looked like that, yet she was in love with this being. And that is what ‘Every Day’ does to you, it makes you uncomfortable.




The gender question was also raised as ‘A’ didn’t identify as one, he simply woke up in any body and lived as them. When he was a boy, he didn’t automatically feel more attracted to Rhiannon. No, girl or boy, he was in love with this girl.

Even though we’re reading through the eyes of ‘A’, I truly believe readers were meant to relate to Rhiannon more, as she battled with herself on a daily basis. I hated her, understood her, related to her, loved her and for that, I applaud David’s writing. This book was filled with epic one-liners, thought-provoking subjects and much more.

In this modern world we live in, I believe that a book like ‘Every Day’ is needed. The book was released in 2010 but it was actually before its time in many ways. For those of you that haven’t picked it up, take the time and learn more about yourself. The romance is sweet so be assured that you’ll still have your ‘aww’ moments.

I hope it leaves you with an indescribable feeling long after the last pages end.

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2 thoughts on “‘Every Day’ – David Levithan

  1. WHAT AN INTRO! Every Day sounds like a really good book! I don’t remember any of the Young Adult books I read as a teen actually spoke much about societal issues. Or things that people experience in everyday life besides the typical love stories like the ones you mentioned. An interesting review that was fun to read, Tina.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s true: books have really evolved over the last few years. So wonderful that authors are adapting and writing pieces that truly touch young readers & perhaps even change the way they think!

      Liked by 1 person

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