A Dialogue.




So, you don’t like them?

I didn’t say that.

You didn’t have to. Your face said it the whole night.

What do you want me to say?

It doesn’t matter what I want you to say. They’re my best friends. Can’t you like them simply because I love them?

Do you?

Excuse me?

Do you love them?

Of course, I do! What sort of question is that? They’ve been my best friends – my family – since we were five years old.

So, you’re friends because you’ve always been friends?

No. We’re friends because…

Because you’re friends.

It’s not –

If you were to meet each of those people around the table tonight for the first time, would you still love them?

That’s not fair.

Isn’t it?

Why are you doing this?

Because I don’t believe that these people you call your best friends really are the best people for you. They’re nice, sure. But Jesus! Do you want to live your life with people who are just nice? They’re not powerful or inspiring or life-changing. They’re all stagnant, and you are the very antonym to stagnant.

I’ve only ever known them. They’ve been with me through everything.

Don’t you want to know if people actually want to be around you because they can’t resist you? Instead of surrounding yourself with people who stick to you because they don’t know any better?

I don’t want to talk about this right now.

Of course not.

What did you think I would say to this? You’re right! Let me break up with my friends of sixteen years because you, who I’ve known for six months, think it’s a good idea.

Why are you so desperately afraid to put yourself out there?

Because what if I’m not enough?


These people, the ones you met tonight, they love me. I’m enough for them. Why would I trade that for people who might hate me? The world out there will chew you up and spit you out. Everyone has their little groups. I can’t risk leaving my family if no one wants me.

It truly amazes me.

What does?

You. The fact that you don’t see how incredibly unique you are.

Everyone’s unique these days.

Yes, but you’re made of stardust and gold. You emanate this sheer kindness and goodness. You’re right. The world out there has no empathy. We teach love, yet hate for feeble reason, but you. I believe you are amongst the few good souls left in the world.

Yeah, the unrealistic dreamers.

I’d rather be trapped in your dreams than live here.


Feature image: Dean O’Shirriffs
Instagram: @deanoshirriffs
Facebook: @deanoshirriffsart
Snapchat: deanoshirriffs

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