The eyes, the eyes.




The eyes feature



And it’s the eyes
The eyes, he laments
They beg forgiveness
But never repent

Eyes that shine
The halo of an angel
The copper of the dawn
Entraps you in its cages.

The sun then sets
The light crumbles
The night so unexpected
In which you fumble

The eye, the eyes
So dangerous, dark
The noise of the night
Creak, snap, bark

The light has morphed
No longer captures
The gleaming angel
No longer enraptures

Silence your pleas
For she no longer hears
Deaf and dead
She does not care

Never again!
You swear to me
Love is vain
And so cruel you see

Another angel
She floats by
Her fervent presence
You cannot deny

This time, the lips
Such sweet songs
The lips, the lips
There you belong.

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