In Vain.

  I have never suffered Never felt true pain So, all these sad words All seem in vain My heart has never broken By the one whom I love I’ve never been distraught My life never tough True art, of course Seems coated in tears People only listen When sudden death is near Can a … More In Vain.

The Hatter.

  Don’t you just want to be alone sometimes? All the time. Yeah, but you’re weird. Shut up. It’s just, sometimes, I feel like – like… Like you’re suffocated by conversation. Yeah, exactly. It’s a build-up of words that mean nothing to me, surrounded by people that I care even less about. It’s like a … More The Hatter.


  Do you feel us drifting apart – barricaded by differing views? You do not wish to change the world because you fear you cannot. Whereas my passion to do so consumes me. Now you loathe me because of your love for me. I can see the disbelief in your eyes. How could we spawn … More Offspring.

Hannah: Prologue

Prologue     ‘Did you know that I fell in love with you before I even met you?’ ‘Impossible,’ she shook her head, her hazel hair stroking her jawbone just as I liked to do. I raised my eyebrow, ‘Do you not believe me?’ ‘Of course not,’ she waved the notion away like an annoying … More Hannah: Prologue