The Intermission.

2017-03-19 01.33.12 1.jpg

A Dialogue.

‘How did I trick you into loving me?’

‘I believe you promised me a glazed doughnut.’

‘I did. You never cashed in on it, though.’

‘Only because you bought me pizza that night.’

‘And we got drunk on stale beer and cheap wine.’

‘Remember how mad your aunt got? She left us out on your porch for twenty minutes in the middle of July.’

‘It was fucking freezing!’

‘God, that feels like ages ago.’

‘You forced me to watch ‘I Am Legend’ even after I told you I hated horror movies.’

‘That was barely a thriller.’

‘Don’t roll your eyes at me.’

‘Ow! You know I bruise like a peach!’


‘Why is it that we always remember the really good stuff when things get so shitty?’

‘I dunno.’

‘Come on. Grace me with some of your philosophical thinking. You took English Lit in high school.’

‘I guess our minds just want to survive. Like the way your body stores food just in case you stop feeding it, so you won’t starve. Your mind stores good memories, so when you stop having good times with good people, your mind has something to live on. Memories keep your soul alive.’

‘You’re amazing. I’m serious. Don’t laugh. You’re my good memory.’

‘Don’t say that.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because you make it sound like this is it. Soon, we won’t have anything left.’

‘I hate this. I hate this place.’

‘Do you wish you never met me?’

‘Every single day.’

‘Me too.’

‘I’m so in love with you. You know that, right?’

‘I do.’

‘I’ll never stop loving you. Even when I’m old and wrinkly and so God-damn grumpy married to someone else, I’ll still be in love with you.’

‘I’ll find you. When I’m on my own. Free.’

‘None of us are ever free. As long as we have family and friends and jobs and love and things, we’re never free.’

‘I don’t want to be free from love. Not from you.’

‘I’m an anchor.’

‘You ground me.’

‘I drown you.’

‘I don’t care. I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

‘So, this is it?’

‘A love story for the books, kid. This ending just sucks.’

‘It’s not the end. We’re at our intermission.’

‘I’ll see you at curtain call then.’

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