And I want to ask you how you are; how you really are. How’s your mind; your soul; your body, but it feels like too much time has passed between us now. We are growing strangers, trying desperately to claw at a life neither of us live anymore. We no longer talk about life and … More Distance

The Intermission.

A Dialogue. ‘How did I trick you into loving me?’ ‘I believe you promised me a glazed doughnut.’ ‘I did. You never cashed in on it, though.’ ‘Only because you bought me pizza that night.’ ‘And we got drunk on stale beer and cheap wine.’ ‘Remember how mad your aunt got? She left us out … More The Intermission.


  It’s a lie, of course. This thing we call love. Feeble emotion, all bunched up. Tie and attach yourself to another. Seconds, minutes, years to suffer. Unrequited love; the ultimate defeat Swearing off another lover to ever meet Never again! Your brow thick with sweat Eyes blurred with tears, body sick with fret. Then … More Lover

Gender Revolution

    Is ‘gender’ destiny? This unique issue of National Geographic, unlike any I have ever read, commences with the opening subtitle: “What if all could thrive?” This question feels like a dagger to the chest. I am a young woman, still a teen in fact, and that very question sums up what is so … More Gender Revolution