A Love Letter to Teen Vogue





  1. relating to teenagers.

When I was a young whippersnapper at the tender age of thirteen with my crimson crocs and knee-length jeans, the teen magazines I was exposed to discussed four main topics: beauty, fashion, celebrities and boys: pertinent topics of discussion for teenage girls. And although media can’t be solely blamed, it means that I only started to develop a real passion for human rights, women’s marches, climate change, body positivity and animal activism when I was eighteen years old. If I had known then what I know now, perhaps I could have been capable of so much more.


Media has such a big influence on our lives as young people, probably much more than it should. I am thus so incredibly grateful to Teen Vogue for the raw, but real topics they broach. Their latest ‘Love Issue’ discusses sexuality, heartbreak, finding and loving oneself and so much more.

They’ve openly taken a political stand in light of the recent turmoil, they’ve marched alongside young girl, woman and man and proved that they are a pillar in the uprise of youth activism, they have promoted body positivity amongst all genders, proving that body shaming is not only a ‘girl-thing’.


Teen Vogue has proved that acceptance and love are possible no matter your skin colour, religion, body size, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs or any other feeble reason society has tried, and 0ften succeeded, in getting us to turn on one another.


And yes, they have bomb beauty tips and their fashion pages are amazing, but thank you for teaching us as young women, and men, that we are allowed to have an opinion and they are valid, no matter our age. Because we can change the world.




1. the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.

Our time really is a mess. There is so much wrong with this world we live in: the current political state of various countries, the tyrants that rule nations and the people who voted for them, the wars affecting millions of innocent people, children are dying every single day, the loss of love by the majority of beings, screens have replaced conversations; the human race hates one another for nothing other than the way we were born. The list goes on and on and if I allow my thoughts to wander too freely on the bad, my heart hurts. I constantly feel powerless to help change the world at all.


But I believe in the power of words. I believe that words can change the world. Because words stem from thoughts, and our minds are our most powerful tools. Everything we cannot live without, everything we use to hurt one another, everything that keeps us alive was once only an idea. Here we are with our nuclear bombs and iPhones.



/ prəˈvāl/


  1. prove more powerful or superior

More powerful, perhaps. We have survived, at least. We have lost some legends along the way, but we’re here. We’re breathing. We’re living. We’re fighting, constantly.


*All images are from Teen Vogue’s Instagram which I highly suggest you check out:@teenvogue.





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