And these days, you seem so sad This world has turned you incredibly mad Your veins were filled with stardust and gold Doing whatever you pleased whilst so bright and bold I know these people with their bitter hate Cripples your soul in such a state Exhausted and crushed it makes you fight They … More King.

An Extract: Hannah.

Chapter 4:   Hannah ‘I meant your writing,’ she grinned. I frowned, ‘That’s not a superpower.’ ‘If you think my photography is, then writing definitely is,’ she said, ‘Alec told me that your words makes him believe in a better world.’ I felt my cheeks flush, ‘Alec says a lot of things. Most of them … More An Extract: Hannah.


  Her hair, long and hazel, carries the ocean itself. Each strand is coated in its salty body. Crystal clear droplets cling to her sunbaked skin because even the sea did not want to part with her. She glimmers in the warm, afternoon sun, reminding me of a diamond; precious, pure and absolutely beautiful. 10/02/17 … More Diamond.

By the sea.

  How I wish I lived by the sea Oh I long to roam so free Awoken in the morn by the dawn brought waves Immersed by the rigid cliffs and hollow caves. Never a city sound to be heard Nature’s creatures are not stirred The sky a canvas of crimson and blue The day … More By the sea.