“Because you’re a girl…”

“Because you’re a girl…”

A statement I’ve never really understood. I could not grasp the fact that your gender was a legitimate excuse for not having the ability to do something. Especially something you really want to do.

“Don’t sit like that. You’re a girl.”

“You can’t go out that late. You’re a girl.”

“You can’t compete against a guy. You’re a girl.”

Unfortunately, we still live in a society where women are viewed as lesser or weak. And yet, we are supposed to be strong and of high moral standard. Women have always had to be ladies, but if a man was not a gentleman, that was his choice. In the past, men and women alike had to be of a certain class. If you acted in a certain way, or discussed certain topics, you built a reputation for yourself. A reputation was, in those days, perceived by most in the same way.

“When men start seeing the reflection of their mentality and actions in women, it upsets them.”

Men want a lady, but don’t see the need to be a gentleman in attaining one. Once we start acting in any way similar to how they do, we get labelled the “sluts”, “whores”, “easy”; words I despise.

“Why can’t we all just be decent human beings? Instead we hide behind a screen and a keyboard, thinking our words have no consequences.”

We are all human. That is it. It really is that simple. Everyone is equal. A woman can be a pro-boxer (um… Ronda Rousey?). A man can be a fashion designer (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, ring a bell?). You can be anything you want to be; act the way you want to act. Life shouldn’t revolve around your gender. Life should revolve around how strong, passionate and loving you are. Those are things that matter.

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