Hannah: Chapter 6

‘Family’ I vividly remember the first time someone asked me about Hannah. I remember how my chest collapsed and I thought how quite like death this must feel. “What do you mean?” I frown at the assigned text in front of me. The words blur and I can’t read anything. I hope that if I … More Hannah: Chapter 6


  Tell me what it’s like To love another so Unselfishly, unhypocritically Pure adoration on its own Tell me what it’s like To never question your choice When there’s a constant chatter This incessant grey noise Tell me what it’s like To look at your lover When all else fails And never lust for another … More Like


  I am vividly aware of the fact that everything I do is a performance. A constant state of theatre. The lights of life glare down at me. White. Blinding. Flaming. The eyes of the audience glued to my monologues. Every gesture; the twirl of my fingertips, the turn of my palm, the doubling in … More Theatre


  Those dreamy brown eyes and cherry red lips. He was the poster boy for heartbreak. A regret just waiting to be grieved. She knew all of this. And it meant nothing. His fingers sparked with magic and his touch made her melt. And although she knew a heartbreak was inevitable, how could it be … More Cherry


  She had a bruise on her skin and a mosquito bite on her foot. She brought it to my face and showed me the crimson bump on her ivory skin. I told her, “Don’t scratch” but by morning, specks of blood clotted beneath the raw surface. She could cite quotes from books I didn’t … More Improbable


  I have all these words floating around in my head; ideas constantly darting in and out. But when I stare at the page, it all seems too much. The blank space weighs pins down my chest and I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I’m living life so well, but that’s all I’m doing. Constantly … More Consciousness

Hannah: Chapter 5

“A lesson in light.”     “The park looks different these days,” I stare up at where the bush of one tree meets the next, creating a thick sky of lime green, bright yellow and specks of light brown. “It always does in spring,” Hannah keeps her eyes on her camera, gently turning different knobs, … More Hannah: Chapter 5


September It was a September When you uttered my name For the last time You sat me down Parted my hair Braided my locks And lied You said you would be back Tucked me beneath worn out sheets Kissed my forehead And told me to dream You promised to be there When I awoke Bread … More September


Shame An inherent shame Cloaks our souls It burdens our body Tears at our being We live in fear And a constant guilt Desires revealed The anger dissolves Anxiety overwhelms the body Death seems imminent Without the cloak It is pure skin and bone Raw flesh and pure soul Uncovered at last Breathe my dear … More Shame